Spray Tanning

Spray tanning has become a very popular way to produce a beautiful and natural looking tan, without exposure to ultra violet light. Amazing results are seen instantly and no odours normally associated with tanning products.


Lusso tan is used at Feminine Touch Salon, this is a locally produced brand with fantastic results. Lusson is made with organic, DHA and natural ingredients. It is alcohol free, paraben free and Fragrance free. It contains Erythrulose, an extra bronzer to prolong tanning. Lusso is streak free with no orange tones. It has a natural looking instant bronzer/ guide colour having you looking and feeling gorgeous with immediate effect. 

We can accommodate all skin types, even very pale complexions.

A patch test is recommended 24 hours before application.

FULL BODY TAN - £20.00 (15MINS)


UNDER 14 y.o. - £12

** Please wear loose dark clothing & for best results do not apply moisturiser or deodorant on day of application. A full range of He-shi products are available to buy, perfect for home application or to prolong your spray tan.